Bodycam footage appears to show officer shooting Jalen Randle immediately after ordering him to show hands

Warning: Graphic content. Bodycam footage appears to show a Houston police officer fatally shooting Jalen Randle on April 27, immediately after telling Randle to show his hands.

Video transcript

OFFICER PRIVETTE: Pit, pit, pit.

- He's running, he's running.

OFFICER PRIVETTE: Hey, let me see your hands!


Oh, shit.


- Shots fired, shots fired.

- He have a gun?

OFFICER PRIVETTE: Hey, watch out behind me. Watch out behind me.

- What's up?

- You good?

- I'm good.

- Hey, shots fired.

- We're good. We got one driver, suspect, being taken into custody right now.

- Unarmed, right now.

- If you had a piece--


- Here, again.

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