Bodies from Nepal plane crash arrive in Kathmandu

STORY: The bodies were flown via helicopter from the crash site in Pokhara, where the Yeti Airlines ATR 72 turboprop carrying 72 people crashed in clear weather on Sunday (January 15) just before landing. 70 bodies had been recovered.

Family members of the pilot of the downed flight, captain Kamal K.C., were present at the hospital in Kathmandu.

"We have lost the precious lives of so many, and this is happening again and again in Nepal. And we Nepalese and other countries' families have moved (the bodies of) our loved ones. This is an irreparable loss," said the captain's uncle, Ram Bahadur K.C.

On Monday (January 16), searchers found the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder from the flight, both in good condition, a discovery that is likely to help investigators determine what caused the crash.