Bobcat Family Pays Visit to Massachusetts Home

A family of neighborhood bobcats delighted homeowners in Springfield, Massachusetts, when their doorbell camera captured the animals prowling outside the house on January 9.

Donna Holloway told Storyful that the felines, who “come out and play daily,” grew up behind the shed in her backyard.

Holloway said that she and her husband were shocked the first time they saw the mom and two cubs, back in July 2021, but were now well used to their presence on the premises. “Since then there have been numerous sightings,” she said. “We seem to have them consistently.”

In addition to the footage recorded on January 9, Holloway provided Storyful with a video shot in 2021, where one of the cubs can be seen running around the garden with a rodent in its mouth. Credit: Donna M Holloway via Storyful

Video transcript


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