Bob Iger Refused to Forfeit His Disney Office to Successor Bob Chapek Because of Its Private Shower

When CEO Bob Iger briefly handed the keys to the Disney kingdom to his hand-picked successor Bob Chapek, he reportedly refused to vacate his office because he wanted to keep his personal shower and vanity.

Iger officially announced that he would be stepping down from the top role at Disney in February 2020, appointing Chapek, the company’s park chairman, to the position.

Per a CNBC report by Alex Sherman, once Iger passed the torch, the Disney board suggested that Chapek should take over Iger’s office space at the company headquarters; however, according to unnamed sources, Iger was not particularly agreeable.

Sherman asserted two reasons for Iger’s hesitancy to vacate his office. First, his succession plan permitted Iger to remain as Disney’s executive chairman for 22 months following his announcement that he would step down as CEO. Chapek would be reporting to him even though he was intended to be his successor.

The second — and juicier — reason Iger wanted to retain sole access his office was for its amenities, including a personal shower and a vanity, both of which Iger frequently used, according to sources. Per the CNBC report, Iger would often take two showers a day, telling Chapek he lived for those days.

Iger and Chapek came to an agreement that the latter would likely not have much use for an office shower. Chapek ended up moving to a smaller office on that same floor, but it was a sign of the power struggle within Disney that was to come.

Elsewhere in the piece, Chapek is characterized as a “Midwestern businessman,” which was part of the reason he was chosen by Iger, due to his lack of interest in the Hollywood social scene. One source quipped that Chapek is “a tuna salad sandwich who sits in front of spreadsheets.”

Chapek’s control of Disney was riddled with complications, with many employees consistently complaining about his leadership tactics and decision-making. While helming the Disney ship, the company reported a $1.5 billion loss in its streaming business.

Iger officially retired in September 2021, but it didn’t stick, and he assumed the position again in November 2022 after a tumultuous tenure for Chapek.

As of now, Iger will serve as Disney’s CEO for the next two years, while he looks for a successor.

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