Blowing Rain Sweeps Kagoshima as Typhoon Impacts Japan

Typhoon Nanmadol made landfall in Kagoshima, Japan, on September 18, forcing more than four million people to evacuate several areas of Kyushu, public broadcaster NHK reported.

Officials warned that the storm “could trigger major disasters,” NHK said.

A “special typhoon warning” was issued for Kagoshima Prefecture on Saturday night, The Mainichi reported.

The Japanese Meteorological Agency said, the highest level of vigilance was required in the region “due to the forecast of unprecedented storms, high waves, and storm surges.”

The typhoon was forecast to move north toward Honshu, Japan’s main island, by September 19, local media reported.

This footage was published by Twitter user @S0RA_smoker. The uploader said it was filmed in Kagoshima around 5 pm local time. Credit: @S0RA_smoker via Storyful

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