Blood donations in Romania surge with meal voucher scheme

Blood donations in Romania surge with meal voucher scheme

Blood stocks in Romanian hospitals have increased significantly thanks to a huge rise in the value of meal vouchers given to donors, according to authorities

The move has helped some hospital stocks increase tenfold, with blood donors in the southeastern European country typically compensated with food.

In January, the value of meal vouchers jumped from nearly €14 (67 RON) to €56 (280 RON), causing the number of people coming forward to surge.

"Compared to the same period last year, when we had a maximum of 5 donors per day, this year it's full here," Adina Beudean, director of the Bistrița Blood Transfusion Centre, told local media.

"Usually, at the beginning of the year, people don't come to the centre much. On average, on a normal day, we have around 15 donors in a day. In 2024, on the other hand, we had as many as 40-50 donors per day," she said.

In the central Romanian town of Sibiu, the Blood Transfusion Centre has limited the number of donors to a maximum of 60 people per day.

Meanwhile, in the central Alba region, the capacity for blood collection and storage has reached its limit due to the increase in donations.

Some centres are now requesting only certain blood groups.

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