Blizzard announces not one but three new World of Warcraft expansions as it unveils The Worldsoul Sega

 Elf character.
Elf character.

Speaking on stage at Blizzcon, Warcraft's executive creative director Chris Metzen has announced The Worldsoul Saga, an overarching story event for World of Warcraft that will encompass not the next expansion, but three more coming to the game.

Here are the three new expansions, and what Metzen has revealed about them. These will play out over the next few years, although Metzen also explained that Blizzard is looking at new ways for these expansions to be put out for players, something the team isn't ready to talk about just yet.

The first expansion, World of Warcraft The War Within, will have players descending into the heart of Azeroth itself. This will see you interacting with the Earthen and the Nerubians. Players will be called to deliver a royal beatdown to the forces of evil that might have it coming. Classic World of Warcraft.

The second part of The Worldsoul Saga is World of Warcraft Midnight which will have players returning to Quel'Thalas as the forces of the void want to darken the Sunwell, uniting the scattered Elven tribe and having a big fight with the shadow. Suitably epic, but trilogies are usually made of three parts, and as a result, there's one more expansion.

That's where World of Warcraft The Last Titan comes in, the third part of The Worldsoul Saga, which will have you back to the old world again. Heading to Northrend players will witness the return of the titans of Azeroth. Players will, Metzen says, encounter a vast conspiracy about the titans.

Metzen took the role of Warcraft's executive creative director just last month but was a huge part of creating the Warcraft universe before he retired in 2016, but returned to Blizzard in 2022 part-time in an advisory role.

It's a huge amount of information for the venerable massively multiplayer roleplaying game, and the crowd at Blizzcon 2023 was eating it up, calling out encouragement to Metzen as he reeled through the three expansions, World of Warcraft's 10th, 11th, and 12th.

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