Blinken stresses security, climate in Africa tour

In a visit to Kenya, United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday reiterated calls for an unconditional ceasefire in the Ethiopian conflict.

"Now, I strongly believe that there is an opportunity and more than an opportunity, an absolute necessity, for all the parties to stop, to talk, to pull back, to get humanitarian assistance to flow and ultimately to be at a table together, and negotiate through the various differences that have emerged over the past year.""

Blinken's visit is the first leg of an African tour that will take him from Kenya to Nigeria and Sengal.

The war in northern Ethiopia, the coup in Sudan and Somalia's long-delayed elections dominated the agenda, along with climate change.

Blinken said there was still time for a ceasefire to succeed in Ethiopia's year-old war and said the U.S. is deeply concerned with the threat the conflict could spill over to the Horn of Africa.

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