Blind Koala 'Sniffs Out' Tasty Eucalyptus Leaves at New South Wales Sanctuary

A blind koala showed his caretakers at Port Stephens Koalas, a non-profit rehabilitation center and sanctuary for koalas in New South Wales, that he was having no trouble using his sense of smell to find eucalyptus leaves to munch on.

Clarence, the koala, fell and had swollen ulcerated eyes, according to the Port Stephens Koalas website.

“It became apparent that he was sight impaired and couldn’t produce tears. To eliminate the stress of having eye ointments applied multiple times a day, he had his eyes removed,” Port Stephens Koalas wrote on their website.

Despite his lack of sight, Clarence, now a permanent resident of the sanctuary, “has no trouble using his brilliant sense of smell to sniff out the good stuff,” the sanctuary wrote on Facebook. Credit: Port Stephens Koalas via Storyful