Blankets on Swiss mountain help protect glacier

These blankets protect an Alpine glacier from melting

Location: Engelberg, Switzerland

Resort staff are working over the summer months

to cover parts of Mount Titlis with a protective polyester fleecing

The blankets help stave off summer melting

and preserve more of the snow that fell in the previous winter

HEAD OF SNOW CONDITIONS AND PISTE SECURITY FOR TITLIS BERGBAHNEN, GIAN DARMS: "In total, we are now covering almost 100,000 square meters, including the tile that we are currently on. That's an area that has been growing steadily over the last few years. So we've been covering more and more in the last few years, almost 30000 square meters more this year alone. What is the reason why we are doing this? We put the fleece over the glacier like a natural shield. In order to keep the rebound properties high in summer, to preserve as much snow as possible that fell last winter."

Mount Titlis has seen large swathes of ice disappear over recent decades

All of it is expected to melt within the next half century

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