This blackhead extractor is 'oddly satisfying' if you enjoy popping pimples — and it's on sale

Alyssa Tria
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In the realm of the skincare and makeup, sometimes the most rewarding results aren’t always the prettiest. And if you're like this beauty editor who shamelessly enjoys watching “Dr. Pimple Popper” and tutorials on how to make nose strips work more effectively, you know that the satisfaction of extracting your whiteheads and blackheads will forever be unmatched.

While I can’t argue that the gnarly task of unclogging backed-up pores is better left to the specialists and professionals, when making a trip to the dermatologist office isn’t an option and pricing playing a huge factor, the right devices and D.I.Y. methods will suffice.

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As a self-proclaimed amateur pimple-popping pro who has used various methods like a micro-tweezer, handheld pore vacuums and floss (thank you TikTok) to extract my pores, I’ve learned that the best —and probably the most hygienic — way to remove debris and excess sebum from your skin is a traditional extractor tool kit.

Regularly used by dermatologists and in spas for facials, traditional pore extracting tools are made up of four-inch stainless steel rods with wire loops at each end. To use, encircle the opening of the breakout with one of the loops and gently press to extrude the contents inside a pimple or pore. Not only does this method help prevent the spread of infection-causing bacteria, but the sight of catching the gunk slowly pop up from beneath your skin is an oddly-satisfying one to turn away from.

Looking to give it a try? Amazon’s bestselling pore extractor tool kit is on sale for $11 right now.

BESTOPE 5 Pack Blackhead Extractor Professional Blackhead Remover Tools

BESTOPE 5 Pack Blackhead Extractor Professional Blackhead Remover Tools
BESTOPE 5 Pack Blackhead Extractor Professional Blackhead Remover Tools

SHOP IT: Amazon, $11 (originally $14)

Enter the BESTOPE Blackhead Remover, backed up by more than 1,800 customer reviews and a 4.5-star rating. Each kit comes with five professional-grade tools, each with its own unique dual-end tip to best suit your pimple, pore and acne needs.

“I don’t know how I lived without this kit before now. I was picking and squeezing and popping and just trying to get relief from painful pimples. Now I just use the proper tool after I shower to clean up blackheads or large pores or to get gunk out after working a long week,” raves one five-star review. “It’s pretty excellent quality and especially for the price. Wish there [were] more stars to give.”

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“This is one of those things that you didn't know you needed until you got one. This tool is very easy to clean and quite easy to use once you get the hang of it,” echoes another. “It makes dealing with blemishes so much easier and more sanitary. The item arrived quickly and was packaged very well. Will repurchase.

But before getting hooked on the addicting fetish of extracting your pores with these tools, its recommend to not go overboard with regular use. Piercing or pressing down too hard on a blemish might result in inflammation, swelling and scarring. If smaller or stubborn pores aren’t cooperating, move onto the next one and let topical ingredients like retinol and/or salicylic acid to its magic.

As for proper care and sterilization for these tools, run them under warm water after each use and sanitize them with rubbing alcohol before carefully storing them back inside their designated case.

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