BlackBerry pulls plug on its once-dominant phones

It was at one time the indispensable business smartphone. But now the BlackBerry is no more.

The company, once known as Research in Motion, is hanging up on its once iconic smartphones. It’s ending all service on the devices.

Famous for its mini keyboard, BlackBerry’s smartphone was once ubiquitous among executives, journalists and politicians, who learned to bang out instant messages and emails with their thumbs. It was so addicting some called it the “CrackBerry.”

Former fanboy President Barack Obama made headlines when he was asked to give up his BlackBerry for another smartphone in 2016.

But the device’s popularity faded with the advent of Apple’s touchscreen iPhones and rival Android devices.

On Tuesday, social media lit up with tributes with many wistfully calling it the “end of an era.”

But the company had already pivoted to making cybersecurity software and embedded operating systems for cars.

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