Black rock comes alive in front of surprised scuba diver

Scuba diving is a thrilling sport that takes people into a world that only the lucky few get to experience. It is a world of bizarre and fascinating animals, colourful coral, and sights that are beautiful beyond description. Life beneath the waves is complex and intriguing. The creatures of the ocean exist in a delicate balance where they can be the predator one minute and the prey the next. This balance can flip in an instant and almost all of the animals have unique ways of tipping the balance in their favour and increasing their odds. The octopus is a perfect example of a creature with incredible adaptations and abilities. This octopus has attached itself to a chunk of coral and it has changed its colour and texture so that it resembles part of the ocean floor. As the scuba diver approaches, he is unsure of what is right in front of him. Only a tiny movement causes the diver to focus on the black lump that looks like a rock or piece of coral. As he moves closer to inspect the object, it suddenly comes to life and lifts up and away from him. This diver is meeting one of the ocean's most capable hunters. It has more ability to remember and learn than any other invertebrate. The octopus can change shape, texture, and colour to camouflage itself for ambush or for concealment. They have a specialized tooth on their tongue that they use to bore tiny holes in mollusk shells. They then inject toxic saliva into the shells which kills the animal, allowing the shells to be more easily pried open. The octopus glides across the ocean bottom. They are beautiful to watch, especially when witnessed so close up.

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