'Black Ops,' 'Street Fighter' skit, 'Tetris' competition among most viewed gaming videos

A Call of Duty commentator explains how YouTube changed his life, Street Fighter becomes a CGI-enhanced skit, and two of the best Tetris players meet in the world's most watched gaming videos for the week ending May 18.

In Life Changing Experience, YouTube commentator Alex (aka WhiteBoy7thSt) explains how he overcame family tragedy to become one of the Gaming channel's most frequent fixtures. "If it wasn't for YouTube, where would I be?" he asks.

On Japan's Nicovideo, two Tetris Online experts meet, displaying the kind of lighting fast reflexes that are required by the best in the world.

The top three gaming clips on China's Youku service include a recreated scene from the Street Fighter series -- Ryu vs Dhalsim -- complete with pre-match dance and post-production fireballs.

Most viewed gaming videos for the week ending May 18

YouTube's most viewed (all-time views)
1) League of Legends - Vayne Champion Spotlight (1,384,798)
2) Life Changing Experience :( (798,971)
3) League of Legends - Patch Preview (753,844)

Nicovideo's most viewed (requires free registration)
1) Let's Play Detective Conan Part 3 (323,543)
2) Online Tetris! heborisMAI vs Blink (428,310)
3) Console Wars III (972,794)

Youku's most popular
1) Contra theme for piano (945,535)
2) Real Life Street Fighter (645,265)
3) DOTA tutorial (708,622)