Black Bear Running an Unlikely Sight for Driver on Alabama Highway

A woman was driving home from the gym in Oxford, Alabama, on the morning of January 4 when she noticed a large animal running through an open field next to Highway 21. She quickly realized the large animal was a black bear.

Tamara Kidd recorded this footage of Alabama’s state mammal and originally posted it to Facebook.

Kidd told Storyful she was shocked when she realized the animal was not a dog. She said she lives about a mile away from where she saw the animal so she quickly went home to make sure her garage door was closed.

“I kind of panicked because I live in a subdivision that is wooded and backs up to the area where I spotted the bear entering,” she said.

Black bears are known to live in Alabama, and in recent years have immigrated into northeast Alabama from northwest Georgia, according to the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Much of Oxford’s southern border is shared with the Talladega National Forest. Credit: Tamara Kidd via Storyful