Black Bear Floats Down River in Asheville, North Carolina

A black bear was caught on video wading into a river for a quick swim in Asheville, North Carolina, on Tuesday, May 3.

Elaine Bailey-Anderson said she was with her family when she noticed the animal emerge from the woods.

“We were having dinner on the deck and this guy just popped out of the woods and crossed the river into our garden. Bears occasionally cross here,” Bailey-Anderson said.

Bailey-Anderson told Storyful she has lived in the area for eight years and has become familiar with the bear seen in the video.

“We’ve seen this bear a few times. We always keep a respectful distance. It is totally possible and safe to live with bears in your community. You just have to take time to understand them and be bear wise,” she said. Credit: Elaine Jacqueline Bailey-Anderson via Storyful

Video transcript


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