Bizarre moment UK men filmed removing stuffing from fly-tipped sofas

This was the bizarre moment when two men in the UK used a knife to cut open fly-tipped sofas to take the stuffing from inside.

The men, who were loading an Uber Toyota Prius to the brim, were caught in action under a railway bridge on Musgrave road in Birmingham, UK.

They managed to stuff over 12 sections of the filling material taken from leather couches into the taxi before driving off.

"It is totally surreal," said the filmer, Sam Holiday.

"I wonder if they are going to reuse them in 'new' sofas unbeknownst to the buyers of they're long and previous past," he added.

The strange scene comes as fly-tipping is at a record high due to the difficulties home owners have in long waiting times at local recycling centres or are unable to leave their homes due to COVID-19 lockdown.