Bison Walking With Calves Hold Up Traffic in Yellowstone

A woman was held up in Yellow Stone National Park when a herd of bison caused a traffic jam as they roamed the roads with their calves.

This close-up video was shot by Cindy Shaffer, a Montana native who regularly posts footage from the park and the nearby Grand Tetons National Park.

“Well it’s my lucky day,” Shaffer says, adding “this is the best kind of bison jam to be stuck in.”

Shaffer excitedly points out and greets the bison and their calves in the video, saying “this just makes my day.” Credit: Cindy Shaffer via Storyful

Video transcript

- Well, it's my lucky day. This is the best kind of bison jam to be in. Look at all the little red dogs come in. Hello mama. Good morning.

Look at them. Oh, look at these little red dogs come in, they are just the cutest. Good morning. Look at all your good mamas.

I just love a good bison jam. When it includes those little red dogs, oh my gosh. Good morning. Listen to that sound, I love listening to that. Isn't this great?

Good morning little red dog. Oh, they're just the greatest. This makes my day. See that little one way back there? How cute is that?

This is what we call a bison jam. Oh, look over here, there's little-- two together. Aww, look at that one. Aww, hey, baby. Hey, mama.

This just makes my day. Look at that, we got one more coming. It's OK. Take your time little red dog. Oh, that was amazing.

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