Bison Stakes Out Her Turf in Minnesota's Minneopa State Park

A territorial female bison was caught in action at Minneopa State Park in Mankato, Minnesota, on March 6, reminding visitors that they were on her turf.

Footage shared by Mankato resident Stephanie Williams, who said it was taken along the designated walking path around the bison enclosure, shows the mammal trailing her as she walked along the range’s fencing.

“She did a couple bluff charges at the fence,” Williams wrote in a Facebook caption. “The road through the enclosure is temporarily closed due to mud and melting snow, but the trail around the enclosure provided this incredible viewing experience.”

“Minneopa State Park has a herd of 32 bison,” Williams told Storyful. “One female bison seemed more assertive than the others.” Credit: Stephanie Williams via Storyful