Bison with broken leg is rescued and taken to vet after five-hour struggle in South India

A bison that broke its leg was rescued after a five-hour struggle in South India on Thursday 2 September. The animal has been sent to a veterinary hospital for treatment after being picked up, literally, in Coonoor Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu. The wild bison had entered a populated area, where it lost its balance, fell and got a fracture in its leg. As a result it was just sitting in the same place for a long time. Trespassers saw its strange behaviour and informed the forest department who arrived and found it had broken its leg. A vet then tranquilised the bison and after some time it was lifted off the ground by crane, onto a truck that could take it to an animal hospital. The rescue was long and challenging one said one of the forest department officers involved.

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