Birthday Girl Reduced to Tears at Sight of Long-Awaited Pug Puppy

A pug-loving 7-year-old girl in Los Lunas, New Mexico, fell to her knees and cried when her mom surprised her with a pug puppy as an early birthday gift on May 14.

Sam Henson recorded this video and originally posted it to Facebook. Henson explained in the Facebook post that Sadie, her daughter, has wanted a pug ever since her great-grandmother, or Mema, gave her a Pig the Pug book.

“She is always Googling pug pictures, or finding pug stuffed animals on Amazon,” Henson wrote under the original Facebook post. “She has been working on being more responsible, and trying to heal the hole in her little heart since Mema went to Heaven.”

Henson told Storyful Sadie will turn 8 on May 29. The video shows Sadie opening the car door, dropping her bag and falling to her knees in tears. She gets up and scoops the little dog into her arms as Henson can be heard telling her happy birthday. Credit: Sam Henson via Storyful

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