Birthday celebrations for elephant in India

STORY: The elephant named 'Saavan' was fed a cake and fruits as officials gathered to celebrate its birthday along with other elephants.

The elephant was born four years ago after nine elephants were brought from India's southern Karnataka state, out of which one elephant gave birth ''Saavan'.

"The aim of this is to give an opportunity to the people to test and check the conditions of the elephants. People can also see if these elephants are getting proper vaccination, treatment, medicines and if proper arrangements are being made for their food and places to live," said Field Director, Corbett Tiger Reserve, Dr. Dheeraj Pandey.

Special attention is given to the elephants at the camp as they are used for patrolling the interior parts of the forest during monsoon season.

While elephants are revered as a cultural and religious symbol in India, they are also ill-treated by their unschooled mahouts and often fall victim to electrocution, poaching, train accidents and poisoning, animal rights activists say. Its population has been dwindling due to frequent poaching for its ivory.

India has over 50 per cent of Asiatic elephants considered to be the most intelligent animals. Elephants in India are an endangered species.

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