Birthday Boy Emotional as Parents Surprise Him With Puppy During Lockdown

A 12-year-old boy in Lexington, Kentucky, was overcome with emotion when his parents surprised him with an adorable puppy for his birthday on April 21.

Alfred DeWayne Peevy, the Deputy Director of Athletics for the University of Kentucky, shared video of the moment his son Braden found the puppy in the trunk of his parents’ car after they told him to get groceries out of the car.

In the video, Braden covers his mouth with his hands and leans down in shock. His sister Kaitlyn is also stunned when she enters.

“This is the best ever,” Braden says while holding little April Rose, a seven-week-old great Pyrenees–boxer mix.

“We surprised him with a gift he thought he would NEVER get!” DeWayne Peevy said on Twitter.

“We told him to get the groceries out of the car so we could catch him on video,” he added.

“They really wanted a new puppy during this pandemic,” he later told Storyful. “Obviously, we staged the surprise and the puppy didn’t ride in the trunk.” Credit: Alfred DeWayne Peevy via Storyful