New biometric card keeps your medical records handy

SmartMetric just announced its new fingerprint-activated portable health records card

On June 15, American tech company SmartMetric announced the launch of a new biometric portable card to keep your medical records at your fingertips no matter where you are in the world.

If you have diabetes, a heart condition, or another serious medical condition, it's a good idea to keep your medical history and diagnostics with you when on the go in case of an emergency, so doctors can access your information quickly and easily.

While there are several other portable electronic devices designed to keep your medical records on hand, SmartMetric, developers of biometric technology embedded in passports and credit cards, claims that its Medical Health Records card is the first biometric health record device available.

The new card, about the size of a credit card, offers instant access to your medical records and is only activated by your fingerprint. The card, paired with a mini USB card reader adapter, will be launched globally and priced at around $89. No details are yet available on exact launch dates.

Another easy way to tote your health records is VitalKey, which keeps an up-to-date digital copy of your medical records on a USB device that can hang on a keychain. The company offers several different subscription plans, including keys for breast cancer patients, mothers-to-be, and caregivers, starting at $8.95 a month.

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