Bindi Irwin and baby Grace enjoy breakfast with a mob of kangaroos

If you’re going to have breakfast in Australia you might as well be surrounded by kangaroos, right?

Bindi Irwin has taken to Instagram to share an adorable video of her 9-month-old daughter, Grace Warrior, enjoying breakfast while surrounded by a family of kangaroos at the Irwins’ Australian Zoo.

"Good morning from Australia Zoo! Enjoying a lovely breakfast with these sweethearts,” Bindi, 23, captioned the video set to Jack Johnson’s “Better Together” as she and Grace lounge across a grassy area filled with the bouncy marsupials.

Naturally, fans were in awe of Irwin’s magical setting, with many sending well wishes to the family.

“What a magical life this little girl is going to have,” one fan wrote, while another added, “Grace is having the time of her life!!! A great l surrounded with majestic creatures.”

“What a beautiful upbringing to be raised with beautiful animals and wonderful parents!” another commenter posted.

“So beautiful what a blessing she gets to grow up in such a wonderful loving environment just like you and your brother did!” wrote another.

Bindi and her brother, Robert, were raised around such glorious animals, thanks to her famous father, “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin, died in 2006 after a tragic encounter with a stingray.

Just like her father, Bindi brings her love of animals to the forefront in everything she does. When she’s not acting or singing or working at the Australia Zoo, she uses her media appearances as opportunities to educate audiences on the significance of preserving wildlife.

Lately, the new mom is enjoying sharing updates on baby Grace, whom she shares with husband Chandler Powell, 25. Over the weekend, she revealed several milestones Grace has accomplished in the last several weeks — including “crawling,” “high fives” and teething.

“Celebrating 9 months with this cutie on Christmas Day,” Irwin captioned a photo of Grace sitting in front of the family”s tree.

“There is so much happening in Grace Warrior's life,” she added, which include: “Crawling, two teeth, getting herself from laying to sitting, waving, high fives, clapping, eating solids like a champion, loves saying ‘Dada,’ best friends are Fergo the cassowary chick & Igloo the tortoise, also discovered that playing with wrapping paper is her favourite!”

Last month, Irwin and Powell, who is also a zookeeper at the Australia Zoo, shared a video of Grace decorating her first Christmas tree.

“Grace woke up to her very first Christmas tree in our house,” Bindi wrote in the caption at the time. “I’m crying tears of happiness as I write this. The sweetest little moments.”