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COVID cases are jumping up again — and BinaxNow is under $8 a test right now

What is it?

BinaxNow is a hugely popular COVID-19 test kit that quickly became a preferred choice at the height of the pandemic. The tests detect 84.6% of positive COVID-19 cases and 98.5% of negative cases, according to BinaxNow. These tests are simple to use: Just put a few drops of the included solution into the test, swab both nostrils, insert the swab into the test and wait for your results. You should have them in 15 minutes or less.

BinaxNow quickly emerged as a popular COVID test during the height of the pandemic. You'll get two tests per box.

$16 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

While the government used to send out free COVID-19 tests to your home, that program has ended. Many health insurance companies also no longer reimburse COVID-19 tests. With that, you're on your own to pay for these — and they can get pricey. Saving any money off a COVID-19 test, let alone 35%, is definitely helpful.

Why do I need this?

COVID-19 cases, along with hospitalizations and deaths, are increasing in the U.S. again after a bit of a lull. This also coincides with the rapid rise of the EG.5 (aka Eris) variant as we head into the cooler months, which have traditionally been when COVID-19 cases jump up in the country. At the same time, the infectious disease community is buzzing about the BA.2.86 (Pirola) variant that's been spotted in several countries, including the U.S. This variant has 36 changes to its spike protein, which is what the virus uses to latch onto your cells. There have only been a few cases worldwide, but scientists are concerned that this will be a highly infectious strain.

covid test
Know your COVID status with this handy test kit. (Photo: Amazon)

What reviews say:

Reviewers rave about how easy BinaxNow is to use, as well as its accuracy. "These are our favorite test kits," shared a five-star reviewer. "Very easy to use." Shared a fellow fan: "Easy to follow instructions and accurate. That's all you need!"

Others swear BinaxNow is the best COVID-19 test you can buy. "As a school administrator during the entire COVID pandemic, we were so lucky to get these for our students and staff because these are the easiest to use, by far," said another happy customer. "At this point it feels like we have tried every possible kind of test and these are still the gold standard."

This sale is unlikely to last, especially as COVID cases continue to climb. Stock up now at a discount while you still can.

BinaxNow's testing process is simple: Just put a few drops of the included solution in the test, swab both nostrils, insert your swab into the test and wait for results. One line means your test is negative; two is a positive result.

$16 at Amazon

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