Billy Ray Cyrus says there’s ‘no hard feelings’ among family over engagement to Firerose

Billy Ray Cyrus revealed how his family feels about his engagement to 34-year-old singer Firerose just months after divorcing wife of 30 years Tish Cyrus.

The 61-year-old singer discussed his new fiancée during a recent interview with People. After noting that “there’s no hard feelings” within his family about his engagement, he also addressed his split from Tish.

“Everyone knew that that relationship was over a long time ago,” Cyrus said, referring to his previous marriage. “Everybody’s turning the page. It’s been a lot, but everyone knew that it was time for a change.”

The “Achy Breaky Heart” singer is a father of six and shares three daughters, Brandi, 31, Miley, 29, and Noah, 22, and two sons, Trace, 33, and Braison, 28, with Tish. He also has a 30-year-old son, Christopher, with ex Kristin Luckey.

During their conversation with People, Cyrus and Firerose opened up their engagement, with the Australian singer explaining that even though he proposed to her in August, she didn’t pick out a ring until later.

“Billy looked at me and said: ‘Do you, do you wanna marry me?’ And I was just like, ‘Of course I do. I love you,’” she explained. “He said: ‘I love you. I wanna make this official. I wanna be with you forever.’”

The pair also noted that they first met over a decade ago when Cyrus was outside of the set of Hannah Montana in Los Angeles with his late German Shepard, Tex. They said they stayed in touch over the years, with Firerose saying that their “friendship was so solid”.

Aside from evolving together as musicians -- they released their first song, “New Day” in July 2021 -- Firerose also recalled how their friendship continued to grow.

“Billy confided in me a lot of what was going on in his life,” she said. “I was just the best friend I could possibly be, supporting him.”

Cyrus also revealed that Firerose supported him during a difficult time.

“All of the sudden, the life that I’ve always known as a touring artist didn’t exist anymore. A moment of so much change. And at the same time, Firerose, who had been such a light of positivity, such a best friend,” the “Old Town Road” singer continued.