Bills QB Josh Allen shows off at Blue Jays batting practice, hitting 4 home runs

Josh Allen is a pretty good athlete. We know what he can do on the football field after some great seasons with the Buffalo Bills. Now we know he can rake at the plate in baseball as well. At least he can hit it far in batting practice.

Allen took in the New York Yankees-Toronto Blue Jays game Monday night and was invited to take some batting practice before the game. He hit four homers and showed off a powerful swing.

The Toronto Sun said Bills backup quarterback Matt Barkley one-upped Allen, hitting five batting practice home runs. Go figure, NFL quarterbacks are pretty good at other sports too. Or, maybe they were peeking into the Yankees' dugout for ... well, that's for another debate all day Tuesday.

Allen played baseball in high school and — be ready for a surprise — he was pretty good at that sport too. MaxPreps said he had a 2.05 ERA as a pitcher and hit .352 at the plate in three varsity seasons.

Allen said it was fun to be back on a baseball field.

“It was fun to get back out there,” Allen said, according to the Toronto Sun. “I was telling some off the coaches I miss shagging balls and spitting seeds and just talking with the guys. That’s some of the best memories I had in high school.”

Allen probably won't pull a Bo Jackson and try both sports anytime soon, but Monday was a good reminder of his freakish athleticism.