Millionaire Realtor Brothers Hit by New ‘Group Rape’ Claims

Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty
Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty

More grisly allegations were levied Tuesday against a trio of luxury real estate agent brothers, including one who famously brokered the world’s most expensive residential transaction for Ken Griffin in 2019.

In a bombshell lawsuit filed in Manhattan, a woman alleged she was raped by Tal and Alon Alexander in 2012 “in a coordinated sexual assault that was planned and facilitated” by their other brother, Oren, who allegedly sat by and watched.

While multiple women have sued Alon and Oren Alexander for sexual assault, and more than 30 women have reportedly come forward, Tuesday’s lawsuit by Angelica Parker is the first one to name each of the three brothers.

“Today’s lawsuit is intended to send a message that the law applies even to the very wealthy and well-connected, including the Alexanders,” Parker’s lawyer, Michael Willemin, said in a statement to The Daily Beast. “We applaud Angelica’s bravery in coming forward, as we have no doubt that the Alexanders will amass an army of PR reps and private investigators to launch a victim-shaming campaign.”

The lawsuit, however, is not the only allegation revealed against twins Alon and Oren Alexander on Tuesday. More allegations, going back two decades, also emerged in a report from The Wall Street Journalpublished a week after Alexander, 37, stepped away from the real estate company he co-founded after a pair of lawsuits accused him of “heinous” acts of sexual assault that were “atrocious and intolerable in a civilized society.”

A source close to Parker’s legal team told The Daily Beast that Tal allegedly sent an email to colleagues on Sunday that read, “I have little doubt that given my close relationship with my brothers, at some juncture, a lawyer or many lawyers will soon try to lump me in with the allegations against Alon and Oren.”

“When he made this statement, Tal was already aware that Ms. Parker intended to file this suit, and his statement was nothing more than a public relations stunt designed to ‘get out ahead’ of today’s filing,” the source said.

In a statement to The Daily Beast in response to Parker’s lawsuit, a spokesman for Tal Alexander said, “It is unfortunate but fully expected that shakedown artists are going to line up given the allegations against Tal’s brothers.”

“However, Tal has done absolutely nothing wrong, and anyone hoping to peddle outrageous lies in hopes of a quick payday are going to find themselves disappointed,” the spokesperson added.

The lawsuit alleges that Parker first met Oren Alexander in 2012 and had a brief relationship. One fall evening at Oren’s New York apartment, Oren and Alon allegedly asked Parker and her friend if they wanted to take ecstasy. When they declined, Alon made the women drinks before he “proceeded to start hitting” on Parker’s friend and “groping her,” the lawsuit states.

Uncomfortable, the friend allegedly left the apartment—but stayed in the building’s stairwell before he was concerned about Parker’s safety. Inside the apartment, however, the lawsuit states Parker was raped by Alon and Tal Alexander “despite her very clear verbal protests.” Afterward, the lawsuit stated that Parker successfully left the apartment.

“In the years following the rape, Ms. Parker often encountered the Alexander brothers, as they had many mutual friends and acquaintances,” the lawsuit states. “During this time, the Alexander brothers made various defamatory statements about Ms. Parker, gratuitously telling her friends that they had sex with her, without of course explaining that the whole event was an orchestrated group rape.”

The lawsuit states that years later Tal “barged in” on Parker while she was alone in a guest room of another home and attempted to assault her, but she was able to scream at him and he allegedly relented.

“Tal created a nickname for Ms. Parker, the ‘king’s rat,’ because she got him thrown out of the home that night,” the lawsuit added.

Parker’s allegations of abuse mirror the five women who spoke to the Journal, with some alleging Oren Alexander’s history of sexual assault goes back as far as high school. In one of the more recent incidents, an aspiring model said she was raped by Oren Alexander inside his New York City apartment in 2017 after he instructed her to put on virtual-reality goggles.

The woman, who was not named, said she put the goggles on and had her dress “ripped” off shortly after. Incapacitated partially by the goggles, she alleged that Oren Alexander began raping her despite her “crying and begging him to stop.”

Another woman who spoke to the Journal identified herself as a Miami real estate agent who ran in the same, ritzy circles as Oren and Alon Alexander.

That realtor told the paper she’d been hanging out with Oren Alexander in a Miami nightclub in 2017 the night of her alleged assault. She said she went to his home later that evening, where she accepted a drink that was poured by him.

Shortly after, the woman said she and Oren Alexander became intimate consensually, but when they started to move to the bedroom, she recalled that she began feeling sick. With the room spinning and her vision blurring, she said she told Oren Alexander she didn’t want to have sex and that she wanted to sleep off the alcohol.

The woman said Oren Alexander didn’t stand for that, however, telling the Journal that he instead pushed himself onto her and raped her. She said she didn’t tell police about the incident because she feared she wouldn’t be believed since she willingly went home with Oren Alexander.

A third woman who spoke to the Journal alleged that she was raped by Oren Alexander 20 years ago, when they were both in high school. The woman said she and other girls were invited to Oren Alexander’s home for a party, but when they showed up, only five people were there—three Alexander brothers and two of their friends.

The woman, who spoke anonymously to the paper, said the brothers gave each of the girls alcohol and separated them from each other before raping them.

Those accounts have added to the already shocking number of rape allegations that Alexander is staring down. Over the weekend, an insider alleged to the Page Six that Alexander would take cocaine with him to parties to give to women before trying to take them to bed.

The sexual assault lawsuits against Alexander and his brother alleged a similar pattern as what the insider described. One of those women claimed that in 2010, when she was 18, that the brothers spiked her drink before taking her home and raping her.

Oren Alexander has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, dismissing the lawsuits against him as nothing more than “baseless civil allegations.”

“I am confident that through review of the extensive evidence, including text messages and other communications, that the truth will be brought to light,” he wrote in a statement to Instagram last week.

When contacted by the Journal with a slew of new allegations, the paper reported that Isabelle Kirshner, a lawyer for the Alexander brothers, declined to comment. Instead, she reportedly shared a statement about the lawsuits they face.

“Our preliminary investigation of the claims has uncovered clear and irrefutable evidence that vindicates the Alexanders, which we look forward to presenting in court,” she wrote. She did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Daily Beast.

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