Bill Self not happy about Kansas hoops event that included Snoop Dogg, pole dancers

Torrey Hart
Yahoo Sports Contributor
Bill Self's program came under further fire Friday night. (AP Photo)

With his program already under investigation for its connection to Adidas and alleged payouts to recruits, among other things, Bill Self came under further fire Friday night when Kansas basketball’s 35th-annual Late Night in the Phog season kickoff event featured some inappropriate performances.

Not only was Snoop Dogg wearing Adidas gear –– the brand was actually the reason the school landed him to headline the event in the first place — but he was shooting money in the air while surrounded by pole dancers at the ostensibly family-friendly event.


Here’s another look:

It was quite the confluence of events for the Jayhawks, who are certainly looking to steer clear of any more controversy. Instead, they managed to not only have pole dancers at a school-sponsored event, but highlight their own scandal, as well as potentially throw shade at the NCAA for its current battle over whether to allow players to earn money by using cash as a performance prop.

All in a good night’s work.

Shortly after, Self hopped on the radio to try to clear things up.

“That’s not a direction anyone at our school would want that to go at all. It was not the right way to provide entertainment,” he said on 810 WHB.

No word, however, as to how the giant poles got into the arena without anyone at the school’s knowledge.

Late Friday night, Kansas athletic director Jeff Long took responsibility for the event and “not understanding what acrobatic performers are in today's entertainment world.”

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