Bill Maher Offers Dating Advice to Lonely Trump Supporters: ‘Women Want a Man, Not a Renaissance Fair Character’ | Video

Young men are in desperate need of dating advice, Bill Maher said on Friday, and the only solution the comic and writer could come up with was his very own TED Talk spoof about G.A.M.E. Each letter stood for a new tip. For example, “A is for act normal,” he said. “Don’t be weird. Don’t grow creepy facial hair. Or order dinner in Klingon, or say methinks. Women want a man, not a Renaissance fair character.”

Maher was inspired by a man at a Trump rally who held up a sign that read, “Can’t get a job, house, or a girlfriend thanks to Biden.” He told the audience that Biden isn’t to blame, “especially for the girlfriend part,” and the reality is that “the thing men need to build back better is their game.”

After he cited reports that indicate more young adults have eschewed dating apps in favor of meeting people the old-fashioned way—live and in person—Maher said, “I said here a few weeks ago that men need a TED talk on how to get with women, and tonight you’re going to get it.”

The solution to the dating woes of many, he continued, is G.A.M.E. “First step, G stands for go outside, and also grooming, and Goodwill. Not like Goodwill to your fellow man,” he continued, “I mean the place that takes your old sh–ty clothes.”

Men should wear pants (“There’s no shorts in dating,” Maher explained), real shoes (as opposed to Crocs), and “get a f–king belt.”

“You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘He cleans up nice,'” he said. “Do that.”

“G is also for grow up,” he continued. “If something in your grocery cart has a cartoon character on it, put it back. You want to get laid, your freezer should be filled with vodka, not dino nuggets. If you act like an immature teen, you’re not going to attract women. You’re going to attract boy band managers.”

The M, he said letter in the segment, “is for man up. You’re going to have to approach women in order for them to like you, and yes, fear of rejection does cause anxiety. But here’s an important concept many men are not aware of: women are actually people.”

“They’re humans just like us,” Maher said. “In fact, we share almost 99% of our DNA with women. Here’s the problem: men have no idea how to meet them anymore because that involves talking and dating through the phone has caused men’s approaching skills to atrophy.”

“And lastly, E,” he continued. “E is for eye contact. Stop looking at your phone and start looking in her eyes. If you want a bone, put down the phone.”

You can watch the entire segment from Bill Maher in the video above.

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