Bill Hader says Sian Heder was ‘sceptical’ about Barry cameo role: ‘Is this making fun of CODA?’

The latest episode of Barry featured the show’s biggest twist to date.

It also had a surprise cameo in the form of CODA director Sian Heder, something lead star Bill Hader has said she was “initially sceptical” about.

*Spoilers for season four, episode four below – you have been warned*

Hader has broken down episode four’s biggest moments in a new interview.

According to the actor, director and writer, Heder was worried about her scenes in the episode as she felt the series might have been mocking her Oscar-winning drama.

In the show, she is shown to be directing a trashy superhero movie following her Best Picture win.

“Initially, I think Sian was a little sceptical about it, because I think – understandably – she was like, ‘Oh, is this making fun of CODA?’ and just wanting to be respectful, because that’s a great movie,” Hader told TheWrap.

“She finally said yes after we sent her a bunch of different versions of the scene that Duffy Boudreau and I wrote to see what she was most comfortable with, because she’s playing herself. I think [she accepted] once she saw what it was – that it was more of a joke of her taking a big Hollywood job. I don’t think that’s being cruel or anything, that’s just the truth. That just happens.”

Sian Heder in ‘Barry’ (HBO)
Sian Heder in ‘Barry’ (HBO)

In the closing moments of the latest episode, it’s revealed that the show has jumped forward eight years into the future.

The final scene appears to be another flashback to Barry’s childhood, as two kids are shown to be fighting – one of which is presumed to be Barry (Hader).

However, it’s revealed that the kid is actually the son of Barry and Sally (Sarah Goldberg), who are together after going on the run with one another following Barry’s prison escape eight years earlier.

Speaking about this scene, Hader explained to the outlet: “I think the time jump for me was something that came from talking about season four and saying, ‘What would happen if all these characters got what they wanted?’ Like, what if they actually could put on another face and play the version themselves that they feel like or what they feel they deserve? Would they be happy or could they maintain that?’

“I’ve always felt like that’s something that he’s wanted. So what if he got that? So we said, well what if we went eight years into the future and they had a kid? What would that look like?”

The time jump scene in ‘Barry’ season four (HBO)
The time jump scene in ‘Barry’ season four (HBO)

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Barry airs in the UK on Sky Comedy and NOW and on HBO in the US.