Bill Gates Defends AI’s Continued Growth Despite Being ‘Scared That a Bad Guy Could Grab It’

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The CEO of OpenAI may now be among the many who are worried about the rapidly expanding capabilities of artificial intelligence, but apparently Bill Gates is not.

During an interview with ABC News, shown in part on Monday morning’s “Good Morning America,” the Microsoft co-founder admitted that he’s not all that worried about A.I. falling into the wrong hands. In fact, he argued that the development on A.I. shouldn’t be paused out of fear of that happening.

“We’re all scared that a bad guy could grab it,” he said. “If you just pause the good guys and you don’t pause everyone else, you’re probably hurting yourself. You definitely want the good guys to have strong AI.”

When ABC journalist Rebecca Jarvis asked about the risk of confusing consumers, as has already started to happen with AI-generated images — including one that went viral of the Pope wearing a white puffer jacket — Gates argued that the onus of discerning what’s real and what’s not is on the consumers themselves.

“Society is going to start to say, ‘OK, this source is more of a trusted source,'” Gates said. “It’s not like we can say, ‘Hey, please stop making fake images.'”

You can watch the full segment from “Good Morning America” over at “GMA.”

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