Bike Thief Chased Down by South Carolina Man

A man chased down a would-be thief after seeing them ride off with his wife’s bicycle in Charleston, South Carolina, on January 25, local media reported.

This home surveillance video, shared by David Cervantes, shows a man making off with a blue bicycle, followed by Cervantes running across his yard and into the street to recover the stolen property.

The footage later shows Cervantes walking the bike back up his driveway.

Cervantes said he chased the cycle snatcher for two-and-a-half blocks before “he finally dropped the bike and ran” away.

Cervantes said the thief didn’t “get far” since the bike had flat tires.

“Some guy decided to steal my wife’s bike out of the yard while I was outside. Long story short, I got the bike back,” Cervantes said on YouTube. Credit: David Cervantes via Storyful