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The Biggest Celeb Transformations of All Time

Some celebrities are known for having a very specific look or style that defines them - think Jennifer Aniston and her always iconic hair or Adele with her cat-eye liner and long dresses. Many celebrities, though, are the opposite: they're known for transforming their look so much that they always seem like a different person.

With a slew of hair dressers, makeup artists, personal trainers, nutritionists, stylists, and (let's be real) plastic surgeons at their beck and call, it's easy for stars to undergo a full-fledged makeover whenever they want to. Still, these celebrities have really nailed their before and after moment. Here's a look at some of the biggest celebrity makeovers of all time.

The Biggest Celeb Transformations of All Time

You'll barely recognize the "before" pictures.

From Redbook