'Big sister to the rescue!' Cat retrieves toy stuck on top of fridge for younger sibling

A pet owner in Germany managed to capture the moment his cat helped a retrieve a toy that was out of her baby sister's reach.

Filmed on January 20 in Wutha-Farnroda, the kitten named Eleven is seen playing with a toy on a string attached to the top of a fridge and manages to get it stuck on the cooling unit.

Eleven's older sister, named Eight, strolls over to the fridge, hops up and casually untangles the toy before walking away.

Sven-Sebastian Neuendorf, who filmed this video, told Newsflare: "My little kitten always flings up the toy that I stuck on the backside of the fridge.

"Sometimes it gets stuck there and when my big cat witnesses that, she always comes and tries to help to fidget it down again. It doesn't always work if the toy is stuck too complicated but most of the time it does. Nonetheless, it's always cute to see her trying to help."

The heartwarming clip has gone viral on Reddit, receiving 96,000 upvotes with one user commenting: "This is just too cute. She literally only came over to help and then walked away. Love how animals get along."