Big Brother’s Jordan, Henry and Yinrun on what’s next as reality series ends

Big Brother’s Jordan, Henry and Yinrun on what’s next as reality series ends

Big Brother winner Jordan Sangha, and finalists Henry Southan and Yinrun Huang, have reflected on their time in the house.

On Friday (17 November), lawyer Jordan became the first winner of ITV’s reality series reboot, taking home a £100,000 cash prize.

Speaking to The Independent on Monday (20 November), Jordan, 25, quipped that he was “scared” to go grocery shopping in Waitrose due to his newfound fame, which saw him gain 100,000 Instagram followers after setting his account from private to public.

“It’s so weird,” he said, citing in particular the sleuths who, during his time on the show, tried to ascertain his political views in the wake of his friendship-turned-romance with Henry, 25.

“I know there was a lot of people saying I’m left-wing, but I’m left leaning,” he pointed out, adding that Henry’s status as one of the “most-liked Tories” in the country is “very surprising”.

The person who finds that most shocking, though, is Henry himself, who told The Independent: “I can’t believe it. It’s mad. I think what I realised in there is that I’m not a political person, I just have political opinions. But actually, I was happy to have differing opinions to others; it would have been really boring otherwise.”

Henry said he was shocked to make it to the end of the series, let alone finish in third place, as he assumed people might make assumptions about him based on his entrance VT during which he said he’d like to go “for a Martini” with Boris Johnson.

“I think it’s quite easy to see I have a well-spoken plummy voice, blonde hair, a very privileged background – it’s quite easy for people to assume straight away you’re a certain type of way. I’m not naive to that. So I’m just really grateful that the public gave me time, but also my fellow housemates.”

He added: “In the past, I’ve been used to some trolling and negative comments, but I was genuinely shocked about the unprecedented amount of support and positivity.”

‘Big Brother’s Jordan Sangha and Henry Southan (ITV)
‘Big Brother’s Jordan Sangha and Henry Southan (ITV)

Meanwhile, Yinrun, who finished in fourth place, said she feels “more confident” and has “more trust” in herself following the conclusion of the show.

“I learnt I should have more faith in myself,” Yinrun. 25, told The Independent, adding: “I really want to carry this with me and to tell myself every day: ‘I am a nice person.’ I want to be less harsh on myself.”

She also said, following her experiences with fellow housemates Tom and Jenkin who, at one stage in the show, questioned whether her friendliness was genuine, have helped shape how she will act in similar situations in the future.

“I was trying to know every single one of my housemates because it was a good opportunity, so I kept trying and trying with Tom and Jenkin,” Yinrun explained, saying that if she finds herself in similar situations in the future, she will no longer “think it’s all me”.

Yinrun suggested she is surprised by the outpouring of love she’s received, saying she’s “hoping for another adventure... now I’m back in the real world”.

‘Big Brother’ contestant Yinrun Huang (ITV)
‘Big Brother’ contestant Yinrun Huang (ITV)

Meanwhile, Jordan says his “diary is open”, but said he “just wants to see” Henry so they can “chill” together away from the cameras. Henry echoed this, stating: “It’s so weird – we were saying to each other earlier that it’s literally been two days, but why do we feel we’re missing each other this much?’”