Biden wins Puerto Rico Democratic primary

President Biden has won the Puerto Rico Democratic presidential primary, according to Decision Desk HQ (DDHQ).

Biden already became the presumptive Democratic nominee last month after attaining enough delegates to mathematically clinch the nomination. His win in the territory on Sunday will add at least most of its 55 pledged delegates up for grabs to his total.

He faced nominal opposition in the primary from Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.), who dropped out of the race, and author Marianne Williamson.

Biden took about 98 percent of the vote in early results, according to DDHQ.

As a territory and not a state, Puerto Rico will not be able to vote in the general election in November, but it does weigh in on the presidential primaries and send delegates to the Democratic and Republican parties’ national conventions in the summer. The Puerto Rico GOP presidential primary was held last Sunday.

Biden was the only active candidate remaining in the Democratic race for the nomination in 2020 when the territory held its primary in July of that year.

Former President Trump won the GOP Puerto Rico primary unopposed last week.

Nick Robertson contributed.

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