Biden touts Micron's $100 billion commitment to manufacturing

STORY: Biden contrasted his economic plan with Republicans' on Thursday in a last-ditch effort days before U.S. midterm elections to convince voters that Democrats are best equipped to battle inflation and create jobs.

"The previous president made a string of broken promises in places like Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio," Biden said. "On my watch, we've kept our commitments. On my watch, made in America isn't just a slogan, it's a reality."

Some Republicans have pledged to use the U.S. statutory borrowing limit or debt ceiling to force cuts to federal spending, extend Trump's tax cuts, repeal Democrat-enacted laws lowering prescription drug prices and block Biden's student debt relief plan.

His trip comes at a time when the White House optimism that Democrats could buck history and retain control of one or both houses of Congress has waned. Any shift will shape the final two years of Biden's term, and Democrats could lose control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Voters identify rising prices as their biggest concern amid inflation that has hit four-decade highs.