Biden says there's 'every reason' for people to think Netanyahu is prolonging the war in Gaza to stay in power

  • President Joe Biden said there's 'every reason' to think Netanyahu is prolonging the war for political gain.

  • His remarks came during a recent interview with TIME.

  • Biden previously laid out a plan for a permanent cease-fire and the release of hostages.

President Joe Biden in a recent interview said there's "every reason" for people to conclude that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is drawing out the war in Gaza as a way to stay in office.

Biden's remarks came while speaking with TIME, with the president giving some credence to views that have been floated since the conflict began last October.

"There is every reason for people to draw that conclusion," Biden told the outlet.

Still, Biden tried to steer clear of direct criticism of Netanyahu. The interview was held three days before Biden gave a major speech spelling out a three-part plan which would lead to a permanent cease-fire and the release of hostages.

The president's decision to lay out the plan publicly was seemingly made to put pressure on the Israeli government. On Monday, a senior Israeli official told NBC News that the proposal detailed by Biden was "not accurate."

The official called into question the notion that Israel would fully withdraw from Gaza in order to secure the release of hostages.

"Israel has not changed its conditions to reach a permanent cease-fire," the official told NBC News. "That will only happen after our objectives are met including destroying Hamas' military and governing capabilities."

The New York Times reported that Netanyahu is aware of the potential for his ouster once the conflict ends, with the newspaper noting that street protests against the leader have once again gained steam.

Biden has tried to navigate what he says is the US's "ironclad" commitment to Israel with his frustration with how Netanyahu has conducted the war. The president also faces potential domestic political concerns as some progressive activists urge Democrats to vote "uncommitted" in presidential primaries to send a message to the White House.

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