Biden says politicians should stop making teachers ‘target of the culture wars’

At an event to honor the national and state "Teachers of the Year,” President Biden criticized recent efforts by some politicians to "score political points” by banning books. He also said that they should stop making teachers the “target of the culture wars.”

Video transcript

JOE BIDEN: And we should stand up for you. We should have your back. Teaching is one of the hardest jobs in this country to be able to do it well, and one of the most important. Today, there are too many politicians trying to score political points trying to ban books, even math books. I mean, did you ever think-- even you younger teachers-- did you ever think where you'd be teaching and you would be worrying about book burnings and banning books all because it doesn't fit somebody's political agenda?

American teachers have dedicated their lives to teaching our children and lifting them up. We've got to stop making them a target of the culture wars. That's where this is going.

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