Biden on Putin summit: 'I did what I came to do'

President Biden held a press conference following his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying the tone of the meeting was "good" and "positive."

Video transcript

JOE BIDEN: It was important to meet in person so there can be no mistake about or misrepresentations about what I wanted to communicate. I did what I came to do-- number one, identify areas of practical work our two countries can do to advance our mutual interest and also benefit the world; two, communicate directly, directly that the United States will respond to actions that impair our vital interest or those of our allies; and three, to clearly lay out our country's priorities and our values.

So he heard it straight from me. And I must tell you, the tone of the entire meeting-- I guess it was a total of four hours-- was good, positive. There wasn't any strident action taken. Where we disagreed, I disagreed, stated where it was. Where he disagreed, he stated. But it was not done in a hyperbolic atmosphere. That is too much of what's been going on.