Biden lays out new immigration curbs

STORY: “If you’re trying to leave Cuba, Nicaragua or Haiti – or have agreed to begin a journey to America – do not, do not just show up at the border.”

U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday laid out a plan to deter record numbers of migrants from making a dangerous journey and attempting to cross into the United States from Mexico.

And that plan involves using Trump-era restrictions to rapidly expel Cuban, Nicaraguan and Haitian migrants caught illegally crossing the border… while at the same time, allowing up to 30,000 eligible people from those countries plus Venezuela to enter the U.S. by air each month.

"This new process is orderly, it's safe and it's humane.”

The new process is designed to blunt criticism from Republicans who say Biden has not done enough to control surging immigration attempts.

Government data shows that in November alone, border guards encountered 82,000 migrants from Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti and Venezuela who were attempting to enter without permission.

Biden’s new plan is also meant to address the concerns of Democrats and immigration advocates who say 'Title 42' restrictions, adopted under former President Donald Trump, block migrants from exercising their right to apply for asylum and expose them to danger.

“Title 42 or not, the border is not open.”

Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas detailed the new policy on Thursday – elaborating on Title 42 and Title 8 which allows border agents to rapidly send migrants back to Mexico or other countries.

“Individuals who cannot establish a valid claim to protection under the standards set out in the new rule, will be subject to prompt removal under Title 8 authorities which carries a five-year-ban on re-entry.”

Mexico will accept up to 30,000 expelled migrants per month from the four countries outlined in Biden’s plan.

“And the story of America is the story of so many of your families…"

Biden – who defended the role immigrants play in the country – said he will visit El Paso, Texas, on Sunday for his first trip to the U.S.-Mexico border since taking office.

In El Paso, Biden plans to speak to officials who have struggled in recent months to deal with tens of thousands of migrants.