Biden kicks off 'Help is Here' tour

NAT POP, SMALL BUSINESS WORKER: "Not many people come out here and stop here."

President Joe Biden stopped by a flooring company in Chester, Pennsylvania on Tuesday to personally promote his $1.9 trillion stimulus package as part of an all-out push by his team to sell his massive plan aimed at revving up the U.S. economy.

BIDEN: "100 million people are going to be getting, not a joke, a check for $1,400, which changed their lives. FLASH / More help is on the way."

Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, first lady Jill Biden and others are visiting various states and appearing on television as part of what the White House is calling the "Help is Here" tour…. timed to coincide with Americans receiving their $1,400 stimulus checks as part of the bill.

VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: "President Biden, you will remember a while back said help is on the way. And then he signed that American rescue plan, so I would say help is here. Help is here, help is here."

The measure was Biden's first legislative priority upon taking office in January and was passed with no Republican support in Congress.

Republicans, who broadly supported former President Donald Trump's relief efforts, have dismissed the latest measure as an overpriced collection of pet projects unrelated to the public health emergency.

Democrats regard the bill as good policy and politics and want the White House to promote it... hoping *not* to repeat history.

Many Democrats believe Barack Obama's administration did not do enough to sell the 2009 economic rescue program to voters…Democrats went on to lose control of the House to Republicans the next year…

President Biden is scheduled to do an interview on Wednesday on ABC's "Good Morning America" program -- and almost exactly two months into his presidency, he plans to host his first press conference this Thursday.