GOP’s Bacon: Biden impeachment probe ‘probably nearing the conclusion’

Republican Rep. Don Bacon (Neb.) said Sunday that House Republicans are “probably nearing the conclusion” of their impeachment probe into President Biden.

Bacon said he spoke with lawyers from the committees spearheading the impeachment inquiry into Biden, who said at this point, there’s “not a specific crime that has been committed.”

“And he’d need that for [a] high crime or misdemeanor. Now, I think it merited an investigation to put the facts out, let the public look at it, make a determination,” Bacon said Sunday during an interview on NBC News’s “Meet The Press.”

Bacon said the details nonetheless were “important” for the American people to see while noting that they were “in itself not a high crime or misdemeanor.”

Pressed on if it is time for the GOP conference to drop their investigation into Biden, Bacon said, “I don’t know if it’s time, right now. But I do think we’re probably nearing the conclusion of this investigation.”

House Republicans have struggled in recent weeks to close their impeachment probe into Biden and are facing rising doubts from their own party about whether investigators discovered any wrongdoing.

The House GOP’s formal impeachment inquiry was intended to add legal weight to their claims, which center on allegations Biden was involved with his son, Hunter Biden’s, foreign business deals.

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-Ky.) last week invited the president to testify before the committee on April 16.

Ian Sams, White House spokesperson for oversight and investigations, last week called the “request a sad stunt at the end of a dead impeachment” and suggested Comer should “call it a day.”

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