Biden hits Trump during campaign HQ speech: He’s ‘not for anything’ and ‘against everything’

President Biden hit former President Trump Saturday, claiming the GOP front-runner doesn’t “stand for anything,” during a stop at his campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Del., near his family home.

Biden’s rebuke of the former president, who did not name during his Saturday speech in Wilmington, Dela., was part of an address where the commander-in-chief touted the importance of democracy and his recent rise in the polls.

“I’m feeling good about where we are, I really am,” Biden said. “You know, folks are starting to focus in and the guy we’re running against, he is — he’s not for anything, he’s against everything.”

“And no, I mean it, it’s the weirdest campaign I’ve ever been engaged in, it’s even worse in terms of his behavior than the last time in 2020,” he added.

Biden reiterated his point that Americans understand the importance of the next general election.

“I meant what I said back when we announced the first time for president against this guy and we went up to … up to Independence Hall and made a speech on democracy and the press kinda thought it was a little bit of an exaggeration, except the American didn’t,” the president told his supporters. “The American people get it. They understand what’s going on.”

The president also emphasized that during his overseas trips, other country’s leaders cheer for his reelection success and said his support is slowly reinvigorated domestically.

He cited a recent Quinnipiac poll where he is leading Trump by six points among registered voters in a hypothetical general election matchup, along with touting two Pennsylvania polls where he is leading his likely Republican rival.

“But folks, things are — people are beginning to focus and they’re beginning to focus and the polling data, everything is picking up across the board,” Biden said.

“And by the way, in new Hampshire we weren’t on the ballot, we couldn’t campaign there. But guess what? We got 64 percent of the vote,” he later added.

Some other polls show a different outcome. A new CNN poll, conducted by SSRS, shows Trump up by four points over Biden, the same margin as when the same poll was conducted in the fall.

Biden’s Saturday speech at his campaign headquarters is another hint that the president is ramping up his reelection effort.

Vice President Kamala Harris, first lady Jill Biden and second gentleman Doug Emhoff were also present, supporting the president and cheering during his remarks.

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