Biden heckled by man yelling 'you stole the election’

STORY: The false claim blaming widespread voting fraud for Donald Trump's loss was voiced by the unidentified man just after Biden spoked of what he calls the ‘burn it all down politics’ of MAGA Republicans.

Republicans are hoping to ride voter discontent with inflation to victory in November, and they have history on their side. The party that controls the White House usually loses seats in Congress in a new president's first midterm elections, and political analysts predict Republicans have a solid chance of taking control of the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate.

Democrats hold only a thin majority in the House, while the Senate is evenly divided, with the vice president's tie-breaking power giving Democrats control.

Republican control of one or both chambers could thwart Biden's legislative agenda for the second half of his four-year term. Heavy losses could also intensify questions about whether Biden, 79, should run for re-election in 2024 or hand over to a younger generation.