Biden effigy beaten at GOP event in Kansas; ex-official calls for resignations

Biden effigy beaten at GOP event in Kansas; ex-official calls for resignations

Attendees at a Kansas county Republican Party event punched, kicked and took a baseball bat to an effigy of President Biden on Friday, sparking backlash from former party officials.

The Johnson County Republican Party’s “Road to Red” event in suburban Overland Park, near Kansas City, featured donations in exchange for opportunities to hit a martial arts dummy with a rubber Biden mask and a “Let’s Go Brandon” T-shirt, according to photos and video from the evening.

Former Kansas GOP official Mike Kuckelman denounced the event and called on the party’s leaders to resign.

“This conduct is shameful, and it is WRONG,” Kuckelman posted to Facebook. “Brown and Holiday must resign. Republicans, especially elected Republicans, must demand the resignations of Brown and Holiday. Silence is complicity in this case.”

Mike Brown is the Kansas GOP chair, who succeeded Kuckelman early last year. Maria Holiday is the chair of the Johnson County Republican Party.

“Fellow Republicans, let’s not forget our outrage when Kathy Griffin engaged in similar shameful conduct against President Trump. We rightfully demanded she be cancelled,” he continued. “Please, we must speak equally as loudly in our opposition now.”

The party’s event was headlined by country star Ted Nugent, with tickets starting at $100, according to advertisements.

The former state party chair denounced the effigy, even given their political differences.

“I don’t agree with President Biden’s policies, but he is a fellow human being. No one should condone or defend this horrific and shameful conduct,” Kuckelman said.

“Please join me in condemning last night’s baseball bat beating of the effigy of President Biden, and join me in calling for resignations of Mike Brown and Maria Holiday,” he continued. “We are Republicans, and we are better than this.”

In a statement to 27 News, Brown denied being associated with the Johnson County event.

“The event Friday had nothing to do with KSGOP,” he said.

The Hill has reached out to the Kansas Republican Party and the Johnson County Republican Party for comment.

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