Biden to get COVID-19 vaccine next week

President-elect Joe Biden will get the coronavirus vaccine as soon as next week, transition officials said on Wednesday.

Biden is expected to receive the jab in public, as authorities attempt to build up public confidence in the procedure.

The first doses of the Pfizer/ BioNTech vaccine became available in the United States this week, and have been set aside for medical staff, nursing homes, and government officials.

Biden told reporters on Wednesday that he did not want to get ahead of the line, but at 78 he is in the high risk category and he's also keen to show the vaccine is safe.

A recent Reuters/ IPSOs poll showed that only 61 percent of respondents would be open to receiving a vaccine.

Scientists have said that to reach herd immunity more than 70 percent of the public must be exposed to the virus.

Biden has vowed to make the fight against the pandemic his top priority when he takes office next month.

Surging COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations are driving healthcare systems to breaking point across much of the country.

Daily deaths topped 3,000 on Tuesday for the third time in a week.

President Donald Trump has often downplayed the severity of the pandemic, but White House officials said he would receive the vaccine though they weren't sure when,

While Vice President Mike Pence is going to get the jab in a public setting on Friday.