Biden Campaigning Outside Trump’s NYC Courthouse Is ‘Premature and a Mistake,’ Karl Rove Says

Fox News contributor Karl Rove said it’s a bit too early for President Joe Biden’s campaign to take a jab at Donald Trump’s ongoing hush money trial, now in closing arguments. He mentioned that their decision to use to allies like Robert De Niro to urge Americans against voting for Trump isn’t the best tactic.

“I assume the strategy is to go and trash the former president, and I think it’s premature and a mistake because people who are up for grabs in this election, people who have not settled into one camp or the other, I think are going to be impressed with letting the process flow out or and finish before it’s jumped on by politics by either side. So I think this is a mistake,” the former White House deputy chief of staff said during a Tuesday appearance on the conservative news channel.

Rove’s comments came after De Niro told the press and warned the public that Trump will “never leave” if he’s re-elected as commander-in-chief.

“I love this city. I don’t want to destroy it. Donald Trump wants to destroy not only the city but the country, and eventually he could destroy the world,” the actor said. “He wants to sow total chaos.”

From Rove’s perspective, he believes the Democrats’ move could be part of a larger plot to win over battleground states: Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

“On the other hand, what they may be thinking is this, let’s keep this in mind. This is the framework that all of these decisions are being made in. This election comes down to six states,” Rove said. “What they may be trying to do is, they may be thinking they want to influence voters in these critical states, because if Biden wins these states and everything else that he won last time around, he wins the election by the skin of his chinny chin chin.”

He continued, mentioning an alternative outcome in Trump’s victory.

“If on the other hand he loses these states and Donald Trump carries these three states (Arizona, Georgia and Nevada), as well as he did the last time around, then Donald Trump narrowly becomes president of the United States,” Rove said. “So they may be trying to influence one or two or three percent of the election in these battleground states.”

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